Quarantine Plan
For 14 days

Choose from a private unit to a homestay family with meals included and a private
bathroom starting at $800 CAD per month

Clean. Safe.

Accommodation For Your
Mandatory Quarantine Plan

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Why Choose Vanmates

Meals included

Choose from 2 to 3 meals

Optional airport pick-up service

$100 per person

Personalized Service

We start our search based on your needs

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What happens after Your Quarantine Plan?

Apply to one of our accommodation options and once you finish your quarantine, we’ll pick you up and help you settle in your new room or homestay.



Apply for a Private Room

  • Starts from $1,350 CAD with prep meals included according
    to your requirements (Allergies, diet restrictions)
  • Private bathroom
  • The room includes a mini-fridge and a microwave
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Apply for a Homestay with
Meals Included

  • Starts from $800CAD with three meals included
  • Private bathroom
  • Meals are served in front of the door by the hosts
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