From a basement to a penthouse. Our relocation service can help
you find your ideal home in Canada.

How does it Work?

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Initial Consultation

Schedule a free consultation, let us understand your profile and your housing needs in Canada.



Develop options

Fill out the form and pay your fees. We will start your application depending on your arrival date.



Move In

Pack your luggage and move in to your new home.

Ready to find your ideal home in Canada?

We cover beyond the basics.

We will recommend and provide our honest feedback on our neighborhoods in whatever city you are moving into.
We will research, schedule appointments and give you honest feedback on the places we see.
After finding the ideal place, we will help you understand the contract, know your rights as a tenant and even help you set up your internet and electricity bill!
Take advantage of our airport service to drive you without any hassle to your new home.
Order your furniture online and we will build it for you! We will make sure your furniture is received with no damages and even build it for you so can arrive ready to unpack at your new Canadian home.
Our panel of property & relocation experts ensure
Best of Service
Julian de la vega
Special Housing Manager
Julian has helped more than 1000 individuals for the past 2 years to reallocate in major cities across Canada.
Gabriel Anaya
Special Housing Specialist
Gabriel is one of our relocation specialist. He will guide you through the special housing service and help you have the best experience throughout the process.
Lizette Andrade
Admin Assistant
Lizette is one of our experts when it comes to rellocation; her expertise in housing will help you choose one of the best places to live, regardless of the city.

Frequently Asked Question

We recommend booking 2 months before your arrival.
Before being able to acquire the service, you must verify you meet all the requirements to continue.
Please contact us to see if you are ready to apply.
The fee of the Special Housing service is $1000 cad + GTS. Remember we have extra services like furnishing and airport pick up which are extra.
Contact us for more info.
Most of the properties come unfurnished and have only the basics (fridge, stove & washing station*) everything else is considered as an exception.
Most rentals here in Canada tend to start the very first of each month.
Pet-friendly rentals in Canada are limited; some limit the number and/or weight of your pets. Please contact us for more information
You will need valid visas for at least 1-year stay in Canada, passports, bank statements to prove financial solvency and your letter of acceptance for your college or a valid job offer.
BC Hydro
Video explanation
Vanmates is here to help, you can always pay through our system in case you still don’t have a Canadian bank account to transfer funds. Remember there is a 3% surcharge.
Furniture build service is available so you can have everything ready for your arrival. Contact us for more information
Generally, areas around downtown and downtown itself are the most expensive options and are harder to get. Many people look around these areas to live, therefore its is a highly demanded but well connected and nice area.
The most residential areas that also tend to be less expensive and more comfortable for families are North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond andNew Westminister. Depending on your specific needs and distances to school or work, one might be better than the other.
Vancouver is generally a very safe place to live, although remember to always be alert and take care of yourself, and your personal belongings and to close the door of your property at all times.
We take care of our client’s needs, even when they haven’t arrived in the country yet. We schedule viewings on their behalf, attend it and record a quick video around the property so that you can see with more detail every aspect of your possible next home.
The Vanmates´ team gets in contact with the unit’s landlord or property manager and schedules a viewing. Once you receive the video of the unit and confirm that you like it, we can proceed to ask for an application form, send it to you to fill it up and send it back for the owner’s review along with your important support documents to prove identity, immigration status and financials. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, we proceed with the security deposit, payment of the first month’s rent, lease signing and key handling. After that is done, your unit will be waiting for you when you arrive in the country or when your move-in date is set to begin. A Vanmates’ Special Housing agent will accompany you to the property, show you around, solve any questions you may have and schedule at the same time a unit inspection with the landlord or property manager to write down details and ensure the good state of the property.
Heating usually works with electricity either by powering a baseboard or through ventilation. Some properties have radiant heating systems that work with either electricity or gas to heat the water in a boiler and through a web of pipes below the floor, the water goes through, warming up the floor and therefore the whole unit. This, if not included in the rent must be paid either on your electricity or gas bills.
Preferably two or more applicants should apply so that the documents and finances of all adults are considered.
It depends on the type of property and the landlord or property manager’s decision. Some properties include all utilities, some include a couple of them and some don’t include any. This is a very difficult question to answer because the case changes with each property in the market.
After finding the ideal place, we will help you understand the contract, know your rights as a tenant and even help you set up your internet and electricity bill!
In Vancouver, rental periods are usually for a lease term of a minimum of one year with a month-to-month extension after that.
The apartment is normally delivered clean and in a good shape. Remember, you should give back the unit once the lease term is over in the same state that you received it. This includes but doesn’t limit to professionally cleaning it and fixing any damages that might have happened. (Normal wear and tear is ok and won’t be considered damage). (Security deposits might be taken into account completely or partly in case any fixing or restoration must be done and damage was not fixed before leaving the premises).
The Vanmates’ Special Housing agent will get in contact with the landlord or property manager some days before your arrival at the unit to coordinate a key pick-up and have them ready for when you arrive.
Vanmates counts with a pickup service (charged extra) for clients that would want to be picked up at the airport and taken to their units with their bags. One detail to note is that our pickup truck has limited space so it might not be ideal for a big family. Another option is to use private transportation services such as Uber, Lyft or Cab; in which a big unit can be taken to transport all your family and luggage to your property.
Vanmates provides a service called BYH. We can assemble your furniture and set up your place for your arrival! Prices are subject to change and vary depending on the time taken for pick-up, delivery and assembly of your furniture. This service can also be hired to just pick up your furniture (we recommend IKEA) and take it to your unit without assembling it so that you have all your furniture and other household items ready when you arrive.
We would love to welcome you and your family in person always. But if your flight arrives very early in the morning or late at night our self-check-in option is available for you. With this option, our Special Housing team will leave a lock containing the keys to your unit attached to someplace safe around the premises. They will provide you with a video showing the location of the lock, the combination to open it and the actual process to follow, to open it. After you arrive at the unit, the lock can be opened, you just have to take the keys and you will be able to access your unit without any problem.


Talk to one of our experts for free. Let us answer all your questions face to face and undertand your needs better. Consultation will not take more than 15 min.